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Your red eared slider tank, despite what you may think, should be treated like a fish tank. If you’ve ever been serious about keeping fish, you know that they require healthy, balanced water to thrive. Turtles are not as water-intensive, but they nevertheless need some attention in that area. pH, for example, is not as important an issue with turtles as it is for fish, but it’s a good idea to go ahead and check it with one of the strip kits you can get from a pet store for good measure. A pH of 6-8 is good for slider water and you can raise or lower it with other products available at the pet store if need be.

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Your local red eared slider rescue is without a doubt the very best place to get a slider if you want one. These facilities are run by very kind-hearted people that have taken it upon themselves to take the turtles that no one else wants and make sure that they live happy, long lives in homes that want them.

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Red eared slider problems are part and parcel to owning a slider. Though most slider owners rarely, if ever, have problems sometimes you get sick turtles, turtles that can’t get along with their tank mates, or turtles with congenital issues. One of the worst things that can happen, though, is when a red eared slider goes missing.

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Many children keep red eared sliders as pets because of the preconception that turtles are simply very easy to care for. While this may seem true when compared to other pet turtles, red eared sliders do require some degree of attention and maintenance. Though they hedge out the box turtle as the most popular pet turtle, red eared sliders require more attention than their fully terrestrial counterparts.

Red eared slider baby needs a diet that is a bit different than an adult slider. Don’t simply look at a care sheet and start feeding the little guy whatever it says. Baby sliders eat a mostly carnivorous diet for the first few months of their life, so if you want your turtle to grow up healthy and happy you need to emulate this as much as possible.

Your red eared slider baby requires care above and beyond what a normal red eared slider requires. Many countries have banned the sale of turtles smaller than 4 inches because of the simple fact that people don’t understand that the turtle will get much larger and there is a good chance that it will be abandoned, but if you have one that is smaller than this there are a few things you need to know before you get started.