As this website is created, all the information shared here is solely based on my experiences on handling the turtle and certain advice from red eared slider experts. I would not guarantee what information and tips that’s work for my red eared sliders may work for yours. You may apply my advice and information with your red eared sliders at your own responsibilities.

I’m not a true expert but a hobbyist, I would like to bring all of the information here and share it with all of the turtle owner all over the world. If you are an expert that find my information can be more accurate and would like to share your advice, you may contact me and share you tips. I would post your advice on this website if I find it is useful for our visitors.

If your slider is sick, please seek a vet’s help and advice.

I hope the information shared here will be helpful for you and your pet.

Last but not least, all the best for you and your turtles.

Thank you!